What I do 

IOViz.com is a visualization studio that produces digital models, photorealistic and non-photorealistic renderings, photo manipulation, presentation graphics, illustrations, and workflow consulting.

I work with Architects, Engineers, Developers, and Designers of all kinds to develop ideas, identity design conflicts, and bring designs to life. Visualizing your ideas is what I do for you.


What You Get 

With a background in architecture I am pleased to deliver well-informed, quality product. I bring my experience and craft to each job. 

Deliverables are typically digital images or animations. If you're need is for effective marketing or promotion, my goal is to bring out an emotional connection with your design. If you're needing to visualize your design as part of your design development, you will also get a product that saves you money by helping you explore options before you build.  

The Process

The typical process begins when you ask for an estimate and provide some information about your job. Important variables are: 

  • The time-frame for project completion
  • The desired level of detail and quality
  • The number of views or models or illustrations
  • 2d or 3d Cad files, or scanned drawings provided
  • The level of design input I will need to supply in order to resolved design issues

Once I get approval to proceed I usually begin selecting views and modeling, or refining a provided model. Digital models are usually created in SketchUp or 3dsMax. If you have your own model– in virtually any format– I am happy to look at it to see if it can be used.

Views are generated and sent to the client for approval before lighting and texturing. Lighting and textures are then applied and submitted for review.

After these are approved the final rendering are made and post processing begins. This involves compiling render passes and other visual elements into an image, and adjusting variables like color and contrast for a final image.

Before I begin your visualization it is important to discuss what you want. And what you already have. It's always helpful if you can identify who your target audience will be and if you expect design changes throughout the process. I maintain a workflow that helps accommodate design refinements.

If you think we'd be a good fit, I'd like to have you as one of my happy clients!


All images copyright Troy Homenchuk. All rights reserved.


 Troy Homenchuk

Troy Homenchuk

Hi, I'm Troy Homenchuk. In 2013, after working for years under names such as Forfun, I founded IOViz.com as a full-time studio. I have a background in architecture and design and work all over the US and Canada.   CV 

IOViz.com is the result of a my enthusiasm for digital visualization. Every image should evoke the right emotion; every job should be done well.

E:   ioarchviz@icloud.com