Some of our happy clients:

MGLM Architects

"Troy's exceptional talent, dedication to his craft, and attention to detail make him a delight to work with. His ability to envision the project and bring it to life have been absolutely essential to us, and we have enjoyed and benefited from his artistry. We look forward to working with him on all future projects!"  -Matthew McNicolas, Principal

Pak Heydt & Associates

"Troy was a pleasure to work with; his rendering skills and ability to finesse our drawing into a beautiful, photo-realistic vision aided in communicating to them [the clients] our design for their dream home." -Dan Cook, project leader.


"It's been a pleasure working with Troy.Thank you for your beautiful and professional work!" -Fred Ligeti, Vp Product Development.

Cooper Designs

"I've had the pleasure of working with Troy on at least one project, including a set of house designs aimed at dealing with the challenging flood zones along the Gulf Coast. Troy's work was excellent. Also, he is genuinely enjoyable to work with... a great guy who is very passionate about providing excellent service. I could not recommend him more."  

Sam Marts Architects & Planners  

Splinter Architects

Dover, Kohl & Partners

Clients as a subcontractor of Robert Scott Resdential Designs: